The ultimate guide for Cotton Silk blend voiles

Silk Cotton Voile Fabric draped laying next to each other in colours pastel pink nude and white
Bring a touch of luxury to your go-to garments with our range of Cotton Silk voiles, with the beautiful feel of silk with the functionality of cotton. Sew summer kaftans and beach-ready dresses that will leave you feeling sexy and stylish. These fabrics are made from natural fibres and are semi-opaque, lightweight, breathable and beautiful — a unique combination perfect for the warm Australian summer. A dash of silk to the natural fibre blends to create a material with the perfect lustre and drape. It's no wonder our 70% Cotton and 30% Silk blend is such a popular textile in high-end and couture fashion designs.
Each fabric comes with washing instructions; our materials include delicate natural fibres such as silk, so they should be treated with care to keep it looking beautiful.
What makes Fabric Collection Cotton Silk voile range unique is the easy-wash capabilities. The general advice is to Dry Clean Silk, BUT with a blend of only 30% Silk, you can certainly hand wash with a silk cleaner. 
Be sure to use the correct cleaner — a pH neutral liquid cleaner is best recommended for silk. A general detergent is not recommended as this will damage the silk fibre. Gently hand washing your garment separately and inside-out in plenty of cold water is ideal. Rinse well and squeeze excess water. Avoid twisting to remove excess water as this will crease the fibres. Dry flat or use a soft hanger away from direct sunlight. Cool iron reverse side.
Here are the don'ts of washing Cotton Silk fabrics at home;
  • Do not soak, bleach or wring
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dry in direct sunlight
  • Do not use hot water or a hot iron

In keeping with our love of exclusivity and luxury fabrics, our specially-created signature plain Cotton/Silk palette in a spectrum of colours is available to buy online here.