A Guide to Choosing The Right Sewing Needles For Quality Fabrics

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Searching for the right sewing machine needles? You've picked our beautiful high-quality fabrics, and now you're bewildered over which sewing machine needle and thread to use to bring your sewing project to life. 
Whether you're a beginner or an advanced sewer, choosing the right sewing needle is essential for beautifully smooth, even stitches. By getting the basics right, you can avoid the pain of skipping stitches, broken or shredded threads, fabric puckering, broken needles or uneven seams and create fabulous sewing projects. 
Although home-sewing machine needles are standardised, particular needles are made for specific fabric types. Some needle types like universal, stretch and jersey are self-explanatory, but other sewing machine needle types are a little more challenging.

sewing machine needles schmetz brand universal needles stretch needles jersey needles twin needles

A must-have needle for every machine sewer is Schmetz Microtex sharp sewing needles, perfect for sewing quality fabrics. With the right Microtex sharp needle, your machine will stitch away our quality silk fabrics, Italian microfibre fabrics, bridal satins, and delicate laces with ease.

sewing machine needles schmetz brand microtex for quality fabrics

You'll be safe knowing that Microtex sharp needle and any sewing machine needle purchased from Fabric Collection are compatible across the range of brands, including Janome, Brother, Husqvarna, Elna and Pfaff domestic sewing machines. 

After choosing your type of needle, you may be confused by the numbers located on the needle packages. Fear not, as these are the measurements of the needle size. Sewing machine needles are available in several diameters to handle various fabric weights. Simply put, a finer needle is used for more delicate fabrics, while a heavier needle is used for heavier fabrics. Two numbers are always printed on the box to indicate the needle size. The European sizes run from 60 to 110, while the American sizes span from 8 to 18, for example, needle size 80/12.
Another important sewing tip is to ensure you change your sewing machine needle as the average sewing life of a needle is 8 hours — a fresh needle for every project!
Discover a smaller, select range of hand-picked fabric and sewing supplies favourites to help cater to your sewing projects at Fabric Collection online fabric store. Happy sewing, needle aficionados!